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Sourcing & Purchasing

Office Service

With rich sourcing experience, our sourcing team supports you in searching and choosing the most capable, professional manufacturers/suppliers in Korea.

If you would like to buy any items from Korea, please send us your inquiry.

We will reply in 48 hours. ​

We will be available to assist, interpret and make orders according to your requirements during your stay in Korea.


There will be a staff that will go to the market with you, taking notes, taking photos, making lists for you, and give you printed lists with pictures on the second day.


When you place the order, we will sign contracts with them, following the order during production. These procedures will make your work much easier.

No matter how many suppliers you buy from, how many kinds of products you mix in a container, how tight your delivery schedule is, we are here to supervise the suppliers to make sure every step goes well.

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